A lot has happened 

Let’s start with the Irish Championships. I had high expectations and knew I am in good form to run and navigate in open mountain terrain. That’s  what training had been for. I accepted I can make small mistakes as everyone does them. I knew I can beat most of the guys in my class. The […]

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Leinster Champs Orienteering: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here we are, the last test/training camp for the Irish Championships. The main focus today is on having a reasonable clean run and keep moving. In short, I have achieved my goals here. There was a lot of contouring required and good compass work. Apart from a few minor mistakes that I believe cost me […]

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A tough old race

So here we are, “blistering” hot for Ireland and 9k with an estimated 300m ascent means about 90 planned min running time. After my training session with the junior squad the previous day in the same area and the same weather I had a faint idea what is to come. It was body punishing and […]

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Great Training with the Junior Squad today 

We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather today. Contours training today followed by a sprint in some very technical terrain.  Absolutely loved it and I am looking forward to the Munster League tomorrow in an equal challenging terrain.  Advertisements

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Getting out of my “black hole” of being too hard on yourself

So, after Scarr, I was a little stiff and disappointed with myself. What I usually do is to train hard the following days, think of it as, you want to scream of frustration, but rather than scream I want to channel that into training. So there I was, long working hours, do what you do […]

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