Leinster Champs Orienteering: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Brockagh& Mall Hill

Here we are, the last test/training camp for the Irish Championships. The main focus today is on having a reasonable clean run and keep moving.

In short, I have achieved my goals here. There was a lot of contouring required and good compass work.

Apart from a few minor mistakes that I believe cost me about 8 min I won the race in my category and won the course overall with 9 min and 4 min respectively.

Happy with the results and I know where and why I went wrong. Compared to the last two races I feel my confidence is back.

Some misshapes are to report, however.

The organisers had to delay the start by about 1 hour as someone forgot to bring the maps. That resulted in chaos at the start box as people have had travelled from far and understandably did not want to loose any more time. Some of the controls were bingo controls which I was happy to get fairly ok.

It turned out that in the men’s elite a lot DNF’ed and only three finished. Even though this was a province championship and the organisers were under pressure with the prize giving it would be polite to honour all first three finishers of the course by managing their names at least.

In my case winning the race I did not get a mention at all, I hope other clubs will not follow that bad example.

Finally, a beige VW Sharan 03/4 D xxx reg parked behind too close and clipped my bumper while driving out made substantial damage to the paint. No note was left on my car, now I am left to chase them down myself, I am not hopeful but I try.

Race report:

Orienteering race 1:18:31 [3] **** 9.06 km (8:40 / km) +195m 7:49 / km
ahr:162 max:171 17c rhr:38 slept:8.0 shoes: Inov8 Oroc

The goal was to be fluent and stay focused.
I knew there would be a lot of compass running today.

The start got delay by one hour which didn’t help.
There was chaos at the start box which did not install a lot of trust in the organisers.

I was finally on the way and thankfully the first control was enough to get to so was number 2.
3 was a longer leg and I met Brian Corbett on the way to the same control. We made good headway and I stayed through to my compass heading. No issue to c4 but I was off my heading for c5, came across a control I was sure wasn’t mine had to relocate and found myself too low of c5. Once relocated no issue too with c5.
No Issue to c6 although the control was very low and could only be seen when you were right on top of it.
A long agonising way to c7 into a strong wind and not really fast underfoot. Rounded the head nicely and contoured well and go the control were expected. It was slow going and the split times reflect that.
Uphill to C8 and was off the bearing to c9 but quickly re-adjusted. Dropped a min here.
Long leg to C10, very proud of the fasted split as it included a quick pit stop 🙂
Slow going again to C11 but no issues here, off bearing again to c12 but relocated quick enough but dropped another 3 min here.
c13 was no issue, I had a lapse of concentration to c14 not checking my numbers correctly, happy enough with the rest of the controls to finish. Surprised me how fast I actually was.



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