A lot has happened 

Let’s start with the Irish Championships.

I had high expectations and knew I am in good form to run and navigate in open mountain terrain.

That’s  what training had been for.

I accepted I can make small mistakes as everyone does them. I knew I can beat most of the guys in my class.

The middle distance came and started pretty late that day.

It could not have gone worse, the first control I overshot and control 6 I lost so much time I was ready to DNF as I got so upset with myself.

This had a knock-on effect for the rest of the race.

And when I finally arrived I was an emotional wreck not wanting to talk to anyone.

I felt humiliated by no other than myself, surely if I had high hopes others would be eager to see can I stand under pressure .Grateful that Darren offered dinner and nothing had been said or I had been asked I settled a little.

At least I had the long distance the following day.

The Classic

The long distance event came around and I dropped my attitude and my expectations. A lot more free in my head I actually went around the first few controls quite nicely which was a relief. I had planned to navigate cleanly at a steady pace.

This work well to control 8 but I started to hesitate to control 9 as this was a longer leg and I made only slow progress.

How do I know? Josh happened to come along and we had the same control. As usual, he looked more confident and ran smoother aka faster through the terrain.

We had different controls after that but headed in the same direction. There I started to make two crucial mistakes that cost time and the victory. I am still not sure how I could have navigated to that better without overshooting. I would have to revisit the area for training.

However, I was happy to come third.

The Relay

Finally, we had the relay event and I always wanted to be with a competitive team. In short, my wish was granted. I was first leg runner with 2.8km followed by Brian Corbett and Colm O’Halloran, both great orienteers and still able to beat some of the Elite.

After about 20min and not too many mistakes I came out of the woods first. That felt good and we ended up winning the Handicap 12 and can call ourselves Irish Champs! Still unreal

For all the pictures from that day, one should look here


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